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Thank you for visiting our website.

We are working on getting more information about our meat products on this page.

If you are looking for a price / cut list or need any information, please reach out as per the details on our contact page.

Here at the farm we take pride in the products we produce and strive to raise our animals with care. You won't find animals that have been pumped full of hormones or pesticide riddled grains. We graze our animals for as long as we can throughout the year and feed a healthy mix of hay and silage all winter.

Our cattle are a mix of breeds, mainly Hereford and Angus cross. They are all grass-fed and hormone free (aside from the naturally occurring ones of course). 

After being processed at the provincially inspected abattoir in Telkwa, BC, all of our meat products are cut and wrapped to order at our on-farm inspected meat cutting facility.

Generally we focus on raising beef; however, we do raise or can get other products such as pork, lamb and chicken. We sell this meat as it is available and we generally will have a good idea about what is coming up.

We sell our products directly from the farm as well as at the local farmers markets (winter and summer). We also make (approximately) monthly trips to Prince Rupert. 

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